UPLB has developed more than 500 technologies - products and processes -- that both public and private entities can use. Business players, entrepreneurs, researchers, and even organizations such as cooperatives may find this catalog useful in looking for technologies to commercialize and make profit from.

Owing to the development mandates of our organization, most of the technologies developed by the university are in public domain, except for technologies which have been protected under the registration and patenting process.

If you find a particular technology interesting, contact the UPLB Center for Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship and ask for assistance in linking up with the Intellectual Property Office and the technology developers and responsible unit as well.

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2 Ton Recirculating Dryer

This dryer gives small farmers the opportunity to dry their corn, rice and sorghum harvests as fast as possible to prevent losses in quality. High capacity dryers require being fully filled before drying …

ABPROD-AMDP Municipal Solid Waste Management Program

The ABROD-AMDP waste program is a technology for an economically-viable processing facility for producing bio-organic fertilizer from biodegradable wastes generated by a municipality or village. The program …

African Pride Atemoya

‘African Pride’ atemoya has a combined growth, vigor and fruit quality of cherimoya and the adaptation of tropical atis. The tree is vigorous and has a spreading growth habit. Fruit is broadly obovoid, …

Agrotechnology Suitability Evaluation Systems (ASES)

The ASES is an computer-based expert system which answers queries on the crop suitability and required farming system technology for a given area. ASES information database consists of location, soil, …

Aguinaldo Guyabano

‘Aguinaldo’ is a sour-type variety, which makes it ideal for processing. The fruit is well-formed and weighs about 1.5 kg. It has less seeds, less fibrous, and has a high edible portion. The tree is …

Alcoholic Type of Yoghurt

Lambanog or fruit wine, and a coagulating agent can be added to yogurt mix to make it more acceptable to male consumers. The addition of alcoholic drink and rennet increases the firmness of the yogurt. …

Alternative Construction Material from Recyling Paper Mill Sludge

Paper mills in the Philippines generate large amounts of sludge everyday and ways of disposing these are limited. Cement and sludge mix ratios of 60:40 can be used to manufacture boards of different thickness …

Alternative Cropping Systems in Rainfed Lowland Areas with Small Reservoirs

Experimental cropping patterns consisting of rice-green corn, rice-sweet corn, and rice-peanut can be an alternative to the traditional farmers cropping pattern of rice-fallow. “Improved macapuno,” …

Alternative Methods of Animal Identification

The known methods of establishing the identify of animals such as branding, tattoing, ear tagging, and ear notching are generally unsatisfactory. They can be tampered, duplicated or imitated and are objectionable …

Alternative Ubod Production Technology

This technology makes it possible to specifically grow coconut palms for ‘ubod’ production, thus, no need to cut down mature coconut palms to get ‘ubod’. The technology is a high-density plantation …

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