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Learn more of UPLB's research, extension and development activities by watching our 5-part documentary “UPLB: The Philippines’ Premier Research University" which provides a peek into UPLB’s exciting research processes, products, technologies, and people.

Proudly produced by our very own Information Management and Technology Utilization, it is a presentation which "inspires and empowers people, UPLB personnel included, to be proud of what we accomplish, and to let UPLB’s partners know that they can truly rely on us.”

The University of the Philippines Los Baños as the Philippines' national center of excellence in fields of agriculture, biotechnology, environment, and engineering conducts various research and extension activities. Its strengths lie in the dedication of its faculty and staff, facilities and the support and close ties it has with many funding institutions, here and abroad.

Features information on UPLB's research and extension capabilities and resources such as sources of research funds, manpower capability, intellectual productivity profile, community programs and how the university reaches out to its audience and clients.

The University’s human manpower is composed of competent faculty and staff with expertise representing various disciplines in the fields of sciences and the arts. UP Los Baños works on a structure that sees to better and judicious management of resources such as manpower and infrastructure.

As a government institution, the University of the Philippines Los Baños shares its facilities by providing a number of services to its clientele. People can access UPLB’s resources such as manpower expertise and research laboratories. The video showcases some of these services.

The University of the Philippines is a research university which has produced more than 200 technologies and products for use of Filipinos. It has attained renowned status as generator of important technologies that have made natural resource-based production more efficient, and people’s lives more abundant.

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